Louisiana Capital Area CHADD

A volunteer support and advocacy group for those dealing with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

                          LACACHADD Referral List

Volunteers for the Louisiana Capital Area Chapter of CHADD have compiled a list of medical, mental health, and education professionals in Baton Rouge and the surrounding area who provide assistance to those with AD/HD.  While it is not the policy of CHADD nor of this Chapter to recommend a particular individual or treatment option, we are happy to provide a list of those in our area whom you might wish to contact for possible assistance. 

Please note that this list is far too long to publish as a web page within the limitations of our website host, so we have uploaded to our site as an Excel spreadsheet.  In some cases the contact information might be outdated, but the professionals listed should be in your telephone directory.  To access this list, please click here.  If you are unable to open the page, you may not be logged in as a member of the website.  Please make certain that you have joined the site and are logged in.  You may join the site by clicking on the Register link on the side bar. If you have any problems, please email us at [email protected] for assistance.

If you have suggestions of other names or organizations to add to this list, or feedback regarding those who might no longer be actively treating AD/HD, please share this information by emailing us at [email protected].  We will also be happy to add to the list with information on service providers in other parts of Louisiana as well.  We welcome suggestions of providers in list in Lafayette, Lake Charles, Shreveport, and Alexandria or in other areas of Louisiana.  

Good luck!