Louisiana Capital Area CHADD

A volunteer support and advocacy group for those dealing with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

                         LACACHADD Lending Library
The Louisiana Capital Area Chapter of CHADD is fortunate to have acquired a large collection of books, audio, and video tapes on AD/HD, learning disability, co-occurring disorders, educational rights, and other topics of interest.  Items can be "checked out" of our Library during our monthly chapter meetings at no charge.  A deposit check, however, is required. 
Those current with their membership dues will no longer be required to leave a deposit for library materials!!!
More details concerning rules for use of the Lending Library will be posted in the near future.  In the meantime, please feel free to browse our lists of available items.   We have sorted these by various categories to assist you in your search.  The list is not very pretty, but some of the most current items on topics of interest are included!
For additional information about the use of the Lending Library, please email us at [email protected].

Books Available

Alexander-Roberts, C.ADHD &  TeensParent/Educator
Anderson, Chitwood, HaydeNegotiating the Special Education MazeParent
Barkley, R. & Benton, C.Your Defiant Child: 8 steps to Better BehaviorParent
Barkley, RussellTaking Charge of ADHD Copy #2Parent
Barkley, Russell A.ADHD and the Nature of Self-control  Educator/Parent/Adult
Barkley, Russell, Ph.D.Taking Charge of ADHD Copy #1Parent
Bauermeister, JoseHyperactivo, Impulsivo DistraidoParent
Beck, Terry A.Building Healthy FriendshipsParent
Bloomquist, MichaelSkills Trng. for Children with Behavior DisordersParent/Educator
Bluestein, Jane, Ph.D.Parents, Teens & BoundariesParent/Educator
Bramer, Jennifer, Ph.D.Succeeding in College with ADHD Copy #1Parent/Educator/Teen
Brunger, Bruce & Reimers, CathyADHD in the Young Child - Driven to RedirectionParent/Teacher/Educator
Brunger, Bruce & Reimes, CathyThe Buzz & Pitre Activity Coloring BookChild/Parent/Educator
Campbell, LindaTeaching & Learning Through Multiple Intelligences **Educator/Teen/Parent
Canter L. & Hausner, L.Homework without Tears Copy #2Parent
Carpenter, Phyllis & Ford, MartiSparkey's Excellent MisadventuresTeens/Children
CHADDADD & Adults Start for Success Copy #1Parent/Adult/Educator
CHADDADD & Adolecents - Strat for SuccessParent/Educator
CHADD w/ Fowler, MaryCHADD Educators ManualEducator/Parent
Clark Corydon, M.D.Diagnosis & Treatment of Obsessive Cpmpulsive DisorderParent
Clark, Corydon, M.D.ADHD Throughout the Life SpanParent/Adult
Clark, Corydon, M.D.Diag. & Treat. of ADHD in Children & AdolescentsParent
Clark, Corydon, M.D.Stimulent MedsParent
Clark, Lynn, Ph.D.SOS/Help for EmotionsParent/Adult
Clarke, Lynn PHDSOS/Help for ParentsParents
Cohen, Michael, M.D.The Attention ZoneParent
Conners, K. & Jett, J.ADHD in Adults & Children Latest Assessment  Copy 1Parent/Adult
Copeland, E. & Love, V.Attention, Please!Parent
Dacey, JohnYour Anxious ChildParent
Davis, Sirotowitz, ParkerStudy Strategies Made EasyParent/Teen/Educator
Dawson, Peg, Ed.D.Homework Survival Guide - Booklet with Ideas and ChartsParent/Educator
Dendy, ChrisTeens with ADD:  A Parent's Guide Copy #1Parent/Teen
Dendy, ChrisTeens with ADD:  A Parent's Guide Copy #2Parent/Teen 
Dinkmeyer D. & McKay G.Parenting Teenagers - Step ProgramParent
Dorft, Norma, Ph.D.When Your Child Needs Help  Parent
Dornbush, Marilyn P.Teaching the TigerParent/Educator
Dowd, T. & Tierney, J.Teaching Social Skills to YouthParent/Educator
Fellman, Wilma, M.Ed.The Other MeParent
Flick, Grad, Ph.D.ADD/ADHD Behavior-Change Resource KitParent
Flick, Grad, Ph.D.Power Parenting f/Child with ADD/ADHDParent
Fowler, MaryMaybe You Know My KidParent
Frankel, Fred, Ph.D.Good Friends Are Hard to FindParent/Teen
Garber, Garber & SpizmanBeyond Ritalin Copy #1 (Hard Cover)Parent
Goleman, DanielEmotional IntelligenceParent
Greene, Ross Ph.D.The Explosive ChildParent
Haerle, TracyChildren with Tourette SyndromeParent
Hallowell & RateyDriven to Distraction (1994) Copy #1Adult/Parent
Hallowell, E. & RateyAnswers to DistractionParent/Adult
Hallowell, EdDriven to Distraction (1994) Copy #2Adult/Parent
Hallowell, Edward, M.Worry-Controlling It & Using It Wisely  Parent/Adult

Hallowell, Edward, M.D.When You Worry About the Child You Love Parent
Hamaguchi, PatriciaChildhood Speech, Lang & List ProblemsParent/Educator
Hartmann, ThomADD Success Stories (1995)Adult/Teen/Parent
Heininger, Janet & Weiss, SharonFrom Chaos to CalmParent
Holt & KettermanWhen You Feel Like ScreamingParent
Hughes, SusanRyan: A Mother's Story of her Hyper/Tourette SyndroParent
Ingersoll, B. & GoldsteinLonely, Sad & AngryParent
Ingersoll, BarbaraDaredevils & DaydreamersParent
Ingersoll, Barbara, Ph.D.Your Hyperactive ChildParent
Jones, ClaireADD-Strategies for School-Age Children  Educator/Parent
Jones, ClaireUnderstanding Your special needs GrandchildParents
Jones, ClaireSourcebook for children with ADD - 2nd EditionParent/Educator
Katz, Illana & Yellen, AndrewSocial Facilitation in ActionParents
Kaye, PeggyGames for Math Parent
Kilcarr, P. & Quinn, P. Voices from FatherhoodParent
Levine, KarenWhat to Do When Your Child Has Trouble at SchoolParent
Lowry, MarkOut of ControlParent
Martin, Grant, M.D.Help!  My Child Isn't LearningParent
Martin, Reed, J.D.Ask Reed: Answers to Special Education QuestionsParent
McCarney & BauerThe Parents Guide to ADDParent
McCarney & TucciStudy Skills f/Students in Our SchoolsEducator/Parent
McCarney, Stephen B.The Parents Guide to Early Childhood ADDParent
Miller, D. & Blum K.Overload: ADD & the Addictive Brain  Parent/Adult
Miller, JaneYour Child Needs a ChampionParent
Murphy, KevinOut of the FogAdult/Parent
Nadeau, Dixon & BiggsSchool Strategies for ADD Teens-Booklet with GuidelinesParent/Educator/Teen
Nadeau, KathleenADD in the WorkplaceParent/Adult
Nadeau, KathleenHelp for ADD @ HighschoolParent/Teen
Nadeau, KathleenAdventures in Fast Forward  Adult
Nadeau, Littman, QuinnUnderstanding Girls with Ad/HDParent/Teen
Nelsen, Lott & GlennPositive Discipline from A-ZParent
Orton Dystexia SocietyAnnals of DyslexiaParent/Educator
Packer, Alex JHow RudeParent/Teen
Paine, StanStructuring Your Class for Academic Success   Copy #1Educator
Paine, StanStructuring Your Class for Academic Success   Copy #2Educator
Parker, HarveyThe ADD Hyperactive Handbook for Schools  Educator/Parent
Pena, MarinaAsi AprendoParent/Educator
Phelan, Thomas Ph.D.1-2-3- MagicParent
Phelan, Thomas, Ph.D.Surviving Your Adolescents (13-18) Copy #1Parent
Quinn, Patricia, M.D.ADD:  Diagnosis & Treatment from Infancy to AdultParent/Adult
Quinn, Patricia, M.D.Rethinking ADHDParent/Adult/Teen
Quinn, Patricia, M.D.ADD & The College StudentParents/Teens
Quinn, TomGrandma's Pet Wildbeest Ate My HomeworkParent/Educator
Quinn,Patricia & Stern, JudithPutting on the Brakes - Revised EditionChild/Teen
Ramundo, P. & Kelly, K.You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?Adult/Parent
Rappoport, JudithThe Boy Who Couldn't Stop  Washing Parent
Reed, MartinSpecial Education Legal Rights NotebookEducator/Parent
Rief, SandraThe ADD/ADHD ChecklistParent
Rief, SandraHow to Reach & Teach ADD/ADHD ChildrenEducator/Parent
Sears W. & Thompson L.The ADD Book - New Approaches to ParentingParent
Seligman, MiltonConducting Effective Conferences with Parents of Children with DisabilitiesEducator
Shure, MyrnaRaising a Thinking Child WorkbookParent
Shure, Myrna Ph.D.Raising a Thinking Child Copy # 1 (Soft Cover)Parent
Silver, Larry, M.D.The Misunderstood ChildParent
Sloane, HowardThe Good Kid BookParent
Stein, David, Ph.D.Ritalin Is Not the AnswerParent
Stern, Judith & Ben - Ami, UziMany ways to Learn Young Peoples GuideChild/Parent/Educator
Stevens, SuzanneClassroom Success f/ the LD & ADHD ChildEducator/Parent
Sullivan, TomSpecial Parent, Special ChildParent
Taylor, J. & Latta, S.Why Can't I Eat That!Parent
Taylor, John F. Ph.D.No More Sibling Rivalry - Booklet with IdeasParent
Taylor, John Ph.D.Understanding Misbehavior  Parent
Tejera, Pomales, RiveraDeficit de atencion hiperactive (Spanish version)Parent
Tourette's Support GroupTourette's & ADHD/Toughing it out Home/SchoolEducator/Parent
Wake County CHADDGuidelines for Completing the Student Profile



Barkley, RussellYoung Adult Outcome of Hyperactive Children
Biederman, Greenhill, KennethResearch Abstracts Symp #1, Pharm. Brain Imaging
Biederman, J. & Thomas, S.Questions & Answers about ADHD Meds
Bostic, Jeff M.D.A Parent's Guide to Working with Schools
Brooks, RobertOur Legacy, Our Gifts: Nurt, Courage, Hope & Resil
Brooks, Robert, Ph.D.A Take Home Message: Inspiration & Courage
Brooks, Robert, Ph.D.Are the Unmotivated Really Unmotivated?
Brown, ThomasThe Faces & Phases of "Inattention" ADD Beyond…
Carolson, CarynADHD Predominantly Inattentive Subtype & Social….
Clark, Ph.D., LynnSOS! How To Use Time-Out Effectively
Cohen, M. & Martin, R.Advanced School Advocacy f/Parents of Child w/ADHD
Cohen, Matt & Martin, ReedNo Tolerance & School Discipline
Cohen, MichaelHome-Based Behavior Strategies f/Adoles. W/ADHD  
Cohen, Michael, M.D.Encouraging the Active Part of the Youngster w/ AD/H
Dendy, Chris Ziegler, M.S.Surviving the Ride: Parenting A Teen with AD/HD
Felton, Sandra, M. Ed.Overcoming Disorganization: Success Strat. F/Adults
Graham, T. & Nixon, J.Self Advocacy-The Shift from Parent to Student
Greenhill, Laurence, M.D.Anxiety in the ADHD Child
Hakola, Stewart, J.D.IEP's & Behavior Management
Hallowell, Edward, M.D.When You Worry About the Child you Love  
Hemphill, R. & Snyder, M.Mapping the Hwy for Improved Teen Driving Behavior
Herrera, Luis, M.D.Intro to ADHD in Spanish
Ingersoll, BarbaraADHD in Families of Adoption, Divorce & Step-Family
Ingersoll, Barbara, Ph.D.Alternative Treatments
Ingersoll, Barbara, Ph.D.Depression & ADHD in Children
Ingersoll, Barbara, Ph.D.Keeping It Together on the Homefront
Jones, Claire, Ph.D.Memory Strategies for Kids who Forget  
Katz, Lynda, Ph.D.The Adjustment to College: Students with ADHD
Kilcarr, Patrick, Ph.DFathers and AD/HD
Koplewicz, HaroldIt's Nobody's Fault: New Hope & Help for Diff. Child.
Latham, Nadeau,  QuinnThe ADHD Student in College
Latham, Patricia & PeterADHD in Post-secondary Edu. & the Workplace
Long, Nash & StormSupporting the Depleted Parent:What If I'm Doing It
Martin, ReedWhy IDEA & 504 are Important to You
Maynard, Sandy, BATime Management for the ADDer
Mills, JerryWhat You See….. ( Box of Two Tapes )
Nadeau, Littman & QuinnUnderstanding Girls with AD/HD
Novotini, Michele, Ph.D.Adult AD/HD and Social Skills:What Does Everybody..
Phelan, Thomas, Ph.D.Parenting your ADD Adult  
Popper, CharlesADHD & Bipolar Disorder
Quinn, Thomas, LPCDads:  The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
Ratey, N. & Snowman, S.Coaching for Adults with ADD (Tape 1)
Rief, SandraElem School Inter f/Students w/ADHD-2
Rief, SandraElem School Interv f/Students w/ADHD-1
Rief, SandraElem School Intervention for ADHD Children
Rief, SandraHow to Help Your ADHD Kids Succeed
Soldan, SariWomen & Girls with ADHD
Spencer, ThomasADHD &  Tic Disorder/Tourette Syndrome
Swanson, JimADHD Medication Update on Children
Synder, M. & Hughes, P.Teaching Sexual Responsibility
Taylor, John F. Dr.Anger Control Training
Taylor, John F. Dr.Building Conscience, Self-Control…
Taylor, John F. Dr.Childhood ADD/ADHD
Taylor, John F. Dr.Dietary & Nutritional Treatment
Taylor, John F. Dr.Discipline
Taylor, John F. Dr.Improving Social Skills
Taylor, John F. Dr.Nurturing Self-Esteem
Taylor, John F. Dr.Parent's Feelings & Emotional Stress
Taylor, John F. Dr.Teen School Success
Taylor, John F. Dr.Understanding the ADD/ADHD Student
Taylor, Winnifred, Ph.D.Anger Answers (4 tape package)
Weiss, SharonBehavior Plans for Difficult Children (Tape 1)
Weiss, SharonBehavior Plans for Difficult Children (Tape 2)
Zental, SidneyGrowing Pains in Edu:Blame/Shame…
Zentall, SydneyResearch in Education


Barkley, RussellADHD in AdultsVideo/Adult
Barkley, RussellADHD in the Classroom (With one Booklet)Video/Educator
Barkley, Russell, Ph.D.ADHD - What Do We Know?Video/Educator
Barkley, Russell, Ph.D.Managing the Defiant ChildVideo/Parent
Barkley, Russell, Ph.D.Understanding the Defiant ChildVideo/Parent
Brown, Thomas, Ph.D.The Faces & Phases in Inattention-ADD beyond Video/Parent
Callister, Edward G. FoundationHope for people with Addictive DiseaseParent
Children's Hosp. Of MIADHD in Adolescents-Our Point of ViewVideo/Parent
Cohen, M. & Martin, RAdv. School Advocacy for Parents of Child w/ ADHDVideo/Parent
Cohen, M. & Martin, R.No Tolerance & School DisciplineVideo/Parent
Cohen, M. & Portnoy, E.Beginning School Advocacy f/ Parent of ADHD ChildVideo/Parent
Dendy, ChrisFather to FatherVideo/Parent
Dendy-Zeigler, ChrisThe Joys & Challenges of Parenting Teens w/ADHDVideo/Parent
Eaton Coull Lrng. GroupTranstions to Postsecondary Learning (With 3 Booklets)Video/Parent
Felton, SandraOvercoming DisorganizationVideo/Adult
Goldstein, Sam M.D.It's Just ADD - A Guide for Kids (box with tape & booklet)Video/parent/Children
Goldstein, Sam M.D.Why Won't My Child Pay Attention?Video/Parent
Greene, Ross, Ph.D.Explosive, Non-Compliant Children Tape 1Video/Parent
Greene, Ross, Ph.D.Explosive, Non-Compliant Children Tape 2Video/Parent
Jones, Clare, Ph.D.I Hate to Write: Helping ADHDVideo/Parent
LA State Board of Edu.IDEA & IEP - Changes in 1997 Amendment  Video/Parent
LACA CHADDCHADD ADHD Video - In Control  Video/Parent
Lavoie, RichardLast One Picked-First One Picked On Copy #1Video/Parent/Educator
Lavoie, RichardLast One Picked-First One Picked On Copy #2Video/Parent/Educator
Lavoie, RichardUnderstanding L.D.- How Difficult Can This Be?(1 Booklet)Video/Parent
Lavorie, RichardLearning Disabilities & Social SkillsParent
Lowry, MarkRemotely ControlledVideo/Parent
Martin, ReedWhy IDEA & 504 Are Important to YouVideo/Parent
Phelan, Thomas1-2-3- Magic Video/Parent
Phelan, ThomasAll About ADD-Part 1Video/Parent/Adult/Educator
Phelan, ThomasAll About ADD-Part 2Video/Parent/Adult/Educator
Prichard, MichaelCooperation/You can ChooseVideo/Parent/Children
Prichard, MichaelDo the Right Thing - You can ChooseVideo/Parent/Children
Prichard, MichaelSaving our Schools Part # 1Parent/Educator
Prichard, MichaelSaving our Schools Part # 2Parent/Educator
Quinn, TomDads:  The Good, the Bad & the UglyVideo/Parent
Research PressSkillstreaming the Adolecent: People Skills Doing'em RightVideo/Parent
Rief, SandraADHD-Inclusive Instruction & Collab. Practice  Video/ED
Rief, SandraHow to Help Your Child Succeed in School Copy #1Video/Parent
Rief, SandraHow to Help Your Child Succeed in School Copy #2Video/Parent
Robin, A. & Weiss, S.Managing Oppositional YouthVideo/Parent/Educator
Shepherd, Margaret JoMotivation - Study Skills & Learning StratagiesVideo/Parent/Adult
Snyder, M. & HemphillMapping the Hwy for the Teen with AD/HD Guide to good DrivingVideo/Parent
Tucker, KarinWhat Am I Supposed to Say?Video/Parent
Up With ParentsUp With Parents WorkshopVideo/Parent
Williams, JoannaStudy Skills & Learn Strategy-Concept & Reading CompVideo/Parent/Teen