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Many Hands

If you are reading this page, you are affected by ADHD. Someone you love, someone you care about, someone you care for, someone you teach, someone you live or work with, or someone you see in the mirror every day struggles with this challenge.

Since 1983, our local support group has worked on your behalf. Our volunteers have produced newsletters, staffed informational booths, responded to your phone calls and emails, presented your concerns to lawmakers, and provided training to educators. We have produced and distributed an informational video tape on ADHD to area schools, and have written and distributed two editions of a handbook on ADHD to parents and schools. We have grown together, and have learned from one another. We have tried to help.

Now we need your help.

In the last years our membership has grown, but our group of active volunteers has not. If Louisiana Capital Area CHADD is to remain a viable Chapter, we must have your support.

Assistance is needed in many areas. Information on some of these areas is provided below. Where possible, we have also provided an estimate of the amount of time and specific skills or equipment required. Please take a minute to read the list below and let us know how you can help. There is so much we can do to help those in our community dealing ADHD if we work together. Remember,

Many Hands Make Light Work!

Here's How You Can Help

In 2001 and 2003 we participated with seven other organizations in highly successful two day conferences on ADHD and reading disabilities. (A third conference in 2005 was cancelled by Hurricances Katrina and Rita.) Many of you were able to participate in these conference and will be delighted to know that we have been presented with numerous opportunities for other such projects. We need your help.

The following is a list of just a few of the areas where help is needed. In most areas, teams of several volunteers can turn the work into fun. In fact, several of the functions work best together so you might want to volunteer in more than one area.

Volunteer Coordinator ? Maintain a list of those willing to help and match these wonderful people up with the right opportunities!

  • Time needed: about one hour or less most weeks, up to four or five hours per week around special activities.

Communications - Maintain email group/list for notifying members of issues and events. Can easily be a team effort!

  • Time needed: three to four hours monthly, as needed.

Inservice Trainer - Present or co-present the CHADD inservice program to area educators, parents, preschools, etc. Training for trainers will be provided.

  • Time needed: Two to three hours per inservice training session. The plan is to have several trainers available to rotate in making the presentations. All materials will be provided. **UPDATE** CHADD's new Teacher to Teacher Program is coming soon!

Inservice Training Coordinator ? All requests for presentations will be routed to this volunteer who will schedule presentations using our list of trained presenters.

  • Time needed: About one to two hours most weeks.

Book/product reviewer - Review books and tapes from our Lending Library and write brief reviews of these products for our newsletter and website.

  • Time needed: Average one or more hours per week.

Distribute brochures - Many volunteers needed to deliver CHADD and Chapter brochures and materials to area doctors? offices, schools, etc.

  • Time needed: Less than an hour per week.

Programming Coordinator - Contact and schedule speakers for monthly meetings. Serve as liaison to these speakers as necessary.

  • Time needed: One to two hours pe-r month.

Refreshments - Bring and/or serve refreshments at Chapter meetings. Costs of refreshments is reimburseable.

  • Time needed: Two to three hours per month.

Greeter - Welcome participants to Chapter meetings, answer questions for newcomers, oversee sign-in sheet and name tags.

  • Time needed: One hour per month.

Informational Booths - Assist with setting up, staffing, and/or removing informational booths at area conferences and events. A number of potential volunteers are needed three or four times per year.

  • Time needed: Two to four hours during events.

Membership Chair - Draft letters welcoming new and returning members, design conduct membership drives yearly, assist with membership issues.

  • Time needed: One to two hours monthly.

Public Relations/Publicity -- Draft and distribute public service announcements and press releases regarding area events. Training is available.

  • Time needed: One to two hours monthly.

PAB Members - Local professionals needed to serve on LACACHADD Professional Advisory Board.

  • Time needed: One to two hours monthly.

ADDult volunteers - Several volunteers are needed to assist ADDult Support Group by preparing meeting reminders, maintaining mailing list (in conjunction with Database Manager), mailing meeting reminders, scheduling speakers, etc. Duties are similar to those listed for similar functions above.

Extra Benefit for Volunteers

In the past, our Chapter has been able to provide financial assistance to volunteers who have attended the National CHADD Conferences around the country. The 2018 Annual CHADD International Conference On Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder will be held November 7 - 11 in St. Louis, Missouri. Volunteer members will be eligible for financial assistance to attend, depending on available funds.

Pitch in and help now! Don't see anything you are interested in doing but would like to help anyway? Let us know about your special skills or areas of interest. We?ll find some way you can help!

Continue to watch this page for more volunteer opportunities. Help La Capital Area CHADD. Help yourself, your family, and your community!


About this site

Thank you for visiting our site. We are here to support families and others dealing with ADHD in Louisiana. Please post a note and plan to join us at an upcoming meeting.

InfoLine Update

For anyone who might have left a telephone message on our InfoLine in the last few months, please note that technical difficulties have resulted in the loss of a number of the messages. At this time we do not have sufficient volunteers to return individual telephone calls, so we hope that you will bring any questions to our meetings personally.

If you need to speak with a health information specialist about AD/HD and cannot wait until our next meeting, please call the National Resource Center on AD/HD at 1-800-233-4050.

How Can We Help You?

A more extensive survey to determine what you expect from our group has been developed and the link has been distributed to all email addresses in our file. If you have not yet responded to this survey, please click HERE and take a minute or two to answer the questions. It will be a great help to us!


For additional information about ADD, ADHD, CHADD, or the local Chapter, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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