Louisiana Capital Area CHADD

A volunteer support and advocacy group for those dealing with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Please join us

Sunday, March 25

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

at the offices of 

How to Stop Suffering from

Worrying and Anxiety

presented by

Dayle Malen, LCSW-BACS, CCTP, M.ED,

As the parent of someone with ADHD and other challenges, there is never a day when I am not worrying. This is a concern I hear from everyone who contacts us. Join us this Sunday and learn how to deal with worry and anxiety in a productive way. Make your life better.   

Learn more about helping children (and adults!) who struggle with impulse and emotional control, sensory issues, and other challenges.  

 We would really like to have a head count of those planning to attend this meeting. Please take a minute to check your schedule and let me know if you plan to attend. Come to the ADHD side - We will have COOKIES!


The local Chapter of CHADD partners with FHFGBR, GBRLDC, and LaBIDA to host our monthly workshops and support group meetings for families. Topics of interest to those concerned with ADHD, dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome and related learning disabilities and challenges will be covered at meetings scheduled for the fourth Sunday of most months during the school year. 

Learn more about meetings and plan to attend. Educate yourself about the challenges faced by those with learning disabilities. Be a force for change in the lives of those with these challenges.

Meetings are open and free to the public. Children are welcome at the regular Chapter Meetings if closely supervised. However, this particular meeting might be difficult for small children

If you have an opportunity, please visit our Facebook Page and let us know that you will be there.

Women With ADHD Support

We are very happy to announce that a volunteer has stepped up to organize meetings for women dealing with their own ADHD challenges. The next meeting will be Saturday, March 4 at 2:00. Meetings are held in Room B on the 2nd Floor of the main library on Goodwood. Click here to see the flyer about the meeting, and please share this information with anyone who might be interested.

Research on the ways that ADHD affects women and girls is a growing field, and for good reason. Symptoms are often different for women than for men, and the impact can be different, as well. To learn more about ADHD in women and girls, read this CHADD article, and join Gail Scott and others at the meeting on Saturday!

Support for Adults with ADHD

Our ADDult Support Group Meetings are going strong. Meetings start at 6:30 PM and are held the first Tuesday of each month at Jason's Deli, 2531 CitiPlace Court, off of Corporate Blvd. 

Please click here to complete our brief survey regarding ADDult Support Group meetings.

What Topics Do You Want to Hear?